Our Stance

Maybe the only thing we get serious about.

Folksy is a company brewed from a vision to make superior standards commonplace in backyard get-togethers, bar fridges and beyond with a feel-good alcoholic drink that compliments balanced lifestyles. Simple enough, right? Well, we think the right choices should be. 

We work with a commitment to pure ingredients and honest practices that put people and the planet first. The result? A better-for-you alcoholic beverage that’s more thoughtful, more enjoyable and more than ready for whatever you’ve got planned – today and tomorrow.

Our backbone

Life is for living, just watch us.

Behind Folksy are a bunch of uncomplicated folk who value good ingredients, good scenery and good times. Well, good news. We’ve canned all that up just for you. 

Heralding from Marin County, California, Folksy is run by husband and wife duo Dylan and Anna who, following the birth of their little legend Iver (and now a second little dude, Oskar), somehow found the time to take up another challenge. With a background in winemaking and thirst for adventure, the family set about crafting a down-to-earth brew with sky-high standards. One that would not only get the local nod of approval, but capture that North Bay fizz for others.

Our Kombucha

No need to overthink it, folks.

With just a handful of ingredients, Folksy is for those who like things uncomplicated. Our brewing process begins by making Jun Kombucha with green tea, honey, water and a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) like it’s been done by good Marin folk for decades. 

We then tuck this Jun Kombucha in for a second fermentation using yeast and organic fruit juice and botanicals. This flavors the brew and naturally brings the alcohol level up to a happy spot that retains all the probiotic and vitamin benefits of non-alcoholic kombucha. Perfect for those who want to crack open a couple today, but still make good on all their promises tomorrow.