Organic Ingredients. Feel-Good Probiotics. Naturally Gluten-Free.

A drink that does better.

At Folksy, it’s our vision to make superior standards commonplace with a better-for-you alcoholic drink that matches good living with clean whole ingredients and zero compromises. Sounds good, tastes even better.


With a culture worth canning.

Crafted among the windswept bluffs and rolling waves of Marin County, California, our hard kombucha uses gut-friendly probiotics, organic ingredients and local sunshine for a naturally gluten-free beverage that’s as fresh as the land it comes from.


Feel good today. Tomorrow, too.

Brewed to a breezy 5% ABV, each refreshing sip is light, laid back and regret-free – just as a good brew should be. Perfect for those who want to feel good tomorrow, but still want to crack open a couple today.


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